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Dilaudid Abuse

Dilaudid abuse has become a common problem in modern society with several people getting addicted and stuck to the drug, The Dilaudid is a narcotic that is used in legal medical practice as a pain reliever.

After the user ingests the drug, it takes about 15 minutes for the effects of the drug to take place and above 5 hours for the euphoric effects to subside. Dilaudid is rated to be more than 8 times stronger than morphine.

The street peddlers often refer to the drug as `hospital’ or `drug store’ heroin. The drug I prescribed to the patients with severe pains since it helps in preventing ascending pain pathways in the nervous system. In addition, it also helps in enhancing pain threshold and also changing the pain perception.

Dilaudid abuse in many cases starts as legitimate treatment of a certain condition. Over time, the addict becomes addicted to Dilaudid unintentionally. The patient becomes tolerant to the drug such that they keep increasing the amount required to inhibit pain development in the nervous system. The users should understand that tolerance is a very gradual process and one may not even realize how addicted they are until it is too late.

Dilaudid Abuse

The easiest way that addicts can realize that they have developed tolerance and need to stop taking Dilaudid is through taking more of the drug than what is stated in the prescription. The drug is both psychologically and mentally addictive. Since the addict requires a larger supply of Dilaudid than a single prescription would provide, doctor shopping becomes another habit. This is a habit of visiting several doctors with pretense that they are sick so that they can acquire several prescriptions to purchase the drug.

Dilaudid abuse has also been escalated by availability of the black market drugs. There are several illegal pharmaceutical drugs that are available at low cost on the streets. Addicts acquire the surplus supply required from the street. The street suppliers offer the drugs at a lower cost making them affordable to many addicts hence the reason why there are so many people abusing the drug despite the fact that there are limits that have been set by the medical authorities for patients not to exceed.

When the addicts start developing tolerance, they assume that the level of pain is escalating hence they start using more drugs to abate pain. Consumption of Dilaudid is increased both in frequency and amount. Experts recommend that people using the drug seek medical assistance (1-800-303-2482) the moment they realize they have increased the dosage and frequency in which they take the drug since that serves a sign of tolerance and addiction.

There are also other people who take the drug for recreational purposes other than for pain relieving effects. These addicts may have been using the drug initially to control pain but after they got healed they were already addicted to the drug and they are not willing to fight with the withdrawal symptoms. This makes many addicts continue using the tablets even though there is no longer pain to be controlled.

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Dilaudid Abuse 1-800-303-2482

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