Dilaudid Abuse Signs

Dilaudid Abuse Signs

There are many symptoms that can be used to tell whether a person is abusing Dilaudid. You might be living with an individual that is abusing Dilaudid but you are not aware. On the contrary, you might be addicted to Dilaudid and not even be aware that you abusing the drug.

Read on for some of the signs that can be used to detect Dilaudid substance abuse.

You can tell that one is abusing Dilaudid the moment they start taking more of the drug than recommended. This comes about as a result of buildup in tolerance. Continued use of Dilaudid makes the body require higher doses and in larger amounts so that one can achieve the desired euphoria effect. The addicts will start doctor shopping and acquiring more supplies from the black market to supply their habit.

When an addict goes long periods without taking the drug, they develop strong cravings for the substance. This makes them always have the drug at hand. Even after the pain is gone and after recovery the patient(s) may still be taking the substance. This is an indication of addiction whereby an individual keeps taking the drug for pleasure and to avoid fighting the withdrawal symptoms.

Dilaudid Abuse Signs

The health of an individual also gets affected. They may either gain excess weight or on the other hand deteriorate in health. This comes as a result of the person adopting new eating habits. There are some addicts who become anorexic while others gain unusual appetite. Both of the conditions lead to drastic change in body health that can be cause for alarm.

Change in the mood is another common characteristic. After the addict takes a dosage of Dilaudid he or she will get happy and then they can become dull and irritable until they take another dose. Others maintain an indifferent mood in which they seem not to care about what happens. They show no emotions even when they are in sticky situations.

Addicts also tend to get engaged in dangerous things that they would otherwise not do when they are not under the influence such as operating machines or driving a car that is potentially dangerous. If you notice a person with a strange attitude, it could be a warning sign that they are abusing a substance.

An individual abusing substances can also undergoes behavior transformation. They can become very lazy or hyperactive. Their sleeping habits can also change. Some individuals become insomniac while others end up becoming sleepy. Waking up in the morning is often a big problem. Dilaudid abuse also slows down an individual’s thinking ability to the extent that they tend to fall asleep mid conversation and while standing.

The addicts talking habit can also be affected such that the substance abuser slurs when talking or talks very fast. Their hands often become cold and shaky. Their eyes have dilated pupils and in some people they also have a puffy face. The color of the skin becomes pale or flushed. Having a blank stare is also another sign that an individual could be abusing Dilaudid.

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