Dilaudid Abuse Symptoms

Dilaudid Abuse Symptoms

Dilaudid is a pain-relieving substance that is only supposed to be given by prescription. It is derived from the opiates and hence it is also highly addictive.

Dilaudid is about 8 times more potent than morphine and is also easily available making it more vulnerable to abuse. Surprisingly, some people abuse Dilaudid without any knowledge that they are doing so. The following are some common Dilaudid abuse symptoms to look out for.

The moment an individual starts taking more of the drug than what the prescription states that could be an indicator of substance abuse. Over time, the body builds up tolerance making it essential to increase the amount of the drug and frequency that it is taken to maintain the same level of euphoria.

The patient is likely to start doctor shopping as well as looking for more supplies from underground sources to supplement their prescription amount. In normal cases, many patients assume that the level of pain is increasing and hence the reason why they need to increase dosage but this is caused by increased tolerance.

Dilaudid Abuse Symptoms

The addict also starts experiencing strong cravings whenever they haven’t taken the drug for a considerable amount of time. If they were taking the drug as a prescription by the doctor and they have been advised to stop taking the drug, they are often not capable of quitting because they are already addicted. Development of withdrawal symptoms can also not be ruled out especially if the person has been taking the dose for medical purposes.

The appearance of the addict changes drastically. A person who used to be very smart may become shabby and dirty. The abuser no longer cares about how they look. The addict starts developing shakes and has cold and sweaty hands. The shakes may be seen when a person is holding something and even when it’s not cold.

You can also tell someone is abusing Dilaudid if they have needle marks on their arms and legs. Drug paraphernalia can also be found in possession of the addict. This can include syringes, needles and bottles that are used in storing the drug.

For a partner, you may notice a strange odor in the individual’s clothes or even on their breathe. The abuser may start slowing down in the rate at which they used to complete responsibilities and this should be a cause for alarm. The speech of the addict becomes slurred while some speak at the speed of light. Performance of regular chores is also affected in a similar way. Some people become hyperactive while others become extremely slow especially before the dose subsides.

Unstable walking stature can also be observed causing the add ict to stager. The individual also starts missing work or school on many occasions. Abnormal sleeping habits are also common. Abusers of Dilaudid often fall asleep in the middle of a conversation or while standing. Addicts do experience insomnia at night and heavy sleep in the morning often making them excessively hard to wake up early.

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