Side Effects Of Dilaudid Abuse

Side Effects Of Dilaudid Abuse

Dilaudid is a schedule II controlled drug used as a pain reliever. The drug is an opioid with high potency of more than 8 times that of morphine.

Continued use of the drug results into strong addiction that can make it challenging to quit using the drug. Sustained use has been associated with causing some severe side effects. Among some of the side effects that develop as a result of using the drugs include the ones discussed below.

Some people become obsessed with taking Dilaudid to the extent that they think of nothing else apart from taking the drug. Besides, low income earners tend to compromise purchasing food for the drug. Reduced appetite is also experienced. In general, a person that used to be healthy looking changes drastically.

The health of the addict will deteriorate over time. Although there are several things that can make a person lose weight drastically, you know that the abuser is losing weight as a result of the drug they are taking because they have not been diagnosed with any other disease.

Side Effects Of Dilaudid Abuse

The addict also tends to have a lot of anxiety. Disengaging themselves with close people also happens occasionally. The addict avoids their former company and close associates such as relatives and friends.

Lowered physical performance is also a result of the escalating anxiety and falling body strength as a result of not in taking adequate food(s). Reduced mental ability is also experienced as a result of the depression effect of the drug. The addict may start falling asleep mid-conversation and this causes students to miss out on some things. This is especially reflected in their performance results.

Dilaudid causes retention of urine causing a person to have a hard time urinating. Many addicts report a difficulty urinating. This comes as a result of relaxing the bladder muscles which makes it incapable of pushing out urine.

The moods of the addict often get affected. Some look overexcited after taking the dose but after some time, they go back to irritability after the dose has gone down. The euphoria then returns after taking another dose. Addicts care about nothing and fear nothing even when they are addicted to Dilaudid.

The addicts breathing can be affected when using or abusing Dilaudid. The drug makes the muscles of the respiratory system relax hence they are incapable of supplying adequate air to the body.

Dilaudid also induces drowsiness. A person just starts sleeping while standing or even in the middle of a conversation. You are also likely to notice mental sluggishness. Addicts are not capable of working out mental calculations as fast as a person who is not under the influence of Dilaudid.

The addicts digestion system is affected in general. After eating food, the addict can develop nausea and vomiting. The drug abuser(s) often develop an abnormal sedation and fear after continued use of the drug.

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