What Is Dilaudid?

What Is Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is an opiate derived analgesic with similar effects to that of morphine but 8 times more potent than morphine. After administering the substance, it takes about 15 minutes to feel the effects.

The euphoria derived by consumption of the drug can take as long as 5 hours to subside. The substance is referred to as `drug store’ or `hospital’ heroin in the streets.

Dilaudid, known chemically as hydromorphone hydrochloride and is highly addictive just like other opioid related substances. It is classified under schedule II drugs in the United States. Many patients using the drug to help in controlling pain often get addicted as a result of prolonged use of the substance.

There are several forms in which the drug is available hence users can either choose to take it intravenously, oral or intramuscular administration method. Among the common forms of the drug include oral liquid, ampoules, suppositories and intravenously. The method used in administration of the drug determines its impact greatly.

What Is Dilaudid

Continued taking of the drug causes some side effects that can be life threatening or extremely uncomfortable. Among the common side effects that are experienced as a result of using or abusing Dilaudid include vomiting, nausea, somnolence dizziness, anorexia, pain on the injection site, constipation, hallucinations, local tissue irritation, increased sweating, skin rash and excessive sweating.

The drug is legally available in hospitals and drug stores because it is prescribed as a pain relieving regimen. It inhibits pain impulses from going up the nervous system hence one is capable of sustaining the pain pangs. The patient’s pain threshold is increased while the perception is altered by Dilaudid.

Increased use of Dilaudid results into build up tolerance. This implies that the user keeps increasing the amount of drug consumed to reach the same level of effect. Tolerance puts the patient at a risk of overdosing on Dilaudid.

You know that a person has taken an excess amount of Dilaudid when you see symptoms such as stupor, respiratory depression, skeletal muscle flaccidity, coma, hypertension, cold and clammy skin, cardiac arrest and circulatory collapse. An intervention of a qualified medical doctor is required if signs of an overdose appear.

Dilaudid addiction is a condition whereby the user of the substance becomes both physically and psychologically dependent on the drug. The addiction is a gradual process that develops as a result of taking the substance over a long time.

Many addicts start taking the drug for prescription purposes but after some time they just get addicted accidentally. Getting themselves clean and over the addiction becomes a great problem. Given that prescription pills are even more expensive than illicit drugs such as heroin on the street makes addict’s vulnerable to becoming morally maladjusted in attempts to acquire adequate cash.

Dilaudid use should be directed by a doctor since the substance can react with other medications or even turn out detrimental to the general health of the patient. Expectant mothers and people with serious pre-existing conditions are advised to avoid taking the drug since it can be extremely dangerous to their health.

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